Friday, 29 June 2012

Maharashtra Mantralaya & Fire

Questions to be asked:

1. Who all will be punished for not having proper fire fighting equipment, government puts owners of private building in jail immediately for such incidences?

2. How did the fire spread so quickly?

3. Why did fire department fudge the call records as per new agencies?

4. Is it related to growing demand for new mantralaya building from ruling parties from some years?

5. How many files/papers related to all in famous scams by politicians were burnt?

6. Why some leading politicians are speaking of rebuidling mantralaya by non private companies immediately instead of looking after the families of those dead?

7. Why people smell consipracy behind mantralaya fire?

INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya start sea trial in Russian after painful long delays...

Epic Take Over

The news of Hong kong stock exchange buying 135 year old London Metal Exchange signifies a tetonic shift in center of power & money. The HK stock exchange has given an offer of 1.4 billion pounds for all 12.9 million shares.
        LME from where global commodity prices are being decided will be controlled by stake holders from China. This is significant shift as demand for commodity dwindles in Europe & America , Asian countries become drivers of economy. The take over still needs share holders approval which will be fearcily apposed as westerners wont leave control over such power house which can make or break commodity markets.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Policing the Police

Mumbai Police blatantly breaking rules. They expect general public to follow all the rules but they never follow themselves. Police driving without seat belts, helmets, breaking signal, driving from wrong side are most common things anybody can view on Mumbai roads.
          Will Mumbai commissioner charge them and penalise if provided with photo proofs..?????

Friday, 8 June 2012


The Global markets are not going to crash significantly even though Greece exists abruptly. Their is huge liquidity in market which will ensure that all markets (share/commodity) do not crash. Just the money will flow from one asset to other. The liquidity situation is 100 times better than that of 2008. The fed is printing dollars for 4 years with no break pushing trillions of cheap money in markets and same has been replicated by most of the European countries plus China.
               Till all this money is not sucked back by all governments out of market people should not panic and sell off. Every dip should be used to buy more. US elections are due this October and Obama will take no chance and advise Fed to pump as much as money in markets they can ( QE3). Stay invested till elections season ends.