Sunday, 29 April 2012

When Sachin Lost the game of cricket

Yes the day Sachin decalared he is joining Rajya Sabha on congress ticket, that is the day Sachin lost game of cricket which he never had. The most influntial figure in India who was apolitical has joined the most corrupt party of India. The role model for millions of Indians by joining hands with congress has shown corruption is nothing wrong. The man who always played fair game, can be so unfair while making this decision. How could Sachin do this.?? Was is trapped..??

Ten years back Sachin did not attend any ceremonies or parties, just concentrated on Game. But since start of IPL he is attending all major parties in town with his new Industrial & Bollywood friends.Sachin fell in properly laid trap. It was being planned since long. He has been distanced from cricketing faternity (did not attend Rahul Dravid's farewell ceremony).

In between it was in newspapers "Congress looking for strong Marathi face to stop multiple poll debacles in Mumbai" . Who could be most popular & promising marathi face than Sachin in India? His new circle of Industrial & Bollywood friends lead him to doors of 10 Janpath.

I just feel that let God give Sachin the power to follow the right Dharma. Amen.


IPL is ZERO % Cricket and 100% Entertainment..!!!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Politics & Corruption

Politics & Corruption are inseparable. All political parties are corrupt only they defer on views. Like two Indian national parties one is nationalist while other has nothing to do with nation but both are equally corrupt.

Naval LCA makes maiden flight

The indigenously built Light Combat Aircraft Tejas LCA Navy NP1 today made its maiden flight in Bangalore. With this India has crossed a major milestone in Design, Development, Manufacturing and Testing of a “four plus” generation Carrier Borne Fly-by-Wire STOBAR aircraft.LCA Navy is the second STOBAR (Ski Take Off But Arrested Recovery) Carrier Borne aircraft in the world, after the Russian deck based aircraft. However, this will be the only Carrier borne Fighter aircraft in the Light category.
           Congrulations to HAL, ADA, ADE, NAL & DRDO on this huge scuess.

Indian Missile Shield Ready - DRDO Chief

India's two-layered anti-missile shield is ready for induction, and deployment for defence of the national capital, DRDO chief V.K. Saraswat has said. The system, comprises an exo-atmospheric interceptor PAD and endo-atmospheric interceptor AAD and hunt down any incoming missile.
       Seems now we don't need to worry about long range missiles of our friendly neighbours who often threaten nuclear war.





Gwalior a small city is filled with amazing things to see. This is a must visit place & things to see are:
1. Mansingh Palace
2. Gwalior Fort
3. Saas Bahu Temple
4. Sun  Temple
5. Chatri temple
6. Buddha sculptures
7. Tansens Tomb
8. Rani Laxmi Bai Tomb
9. Gwalior Zoo
10. Baddi Market
11 And many more

Friday, 27 April 2012

INS Teg Inducted

Indian Navy today inducted the latest Guided missile stealth frigate INS Teg. The weapons suite of the 125-metre 4,000-tonne frigate includes the BrahMos surface-to-surface missile system with 300km range, a surface-to-air missile system , 100 mm medium-range gun, close-in weapon system (CIWS), torpedo tubes, and anti-submarine rockets. This is first ship from three ordered from Russia under 2 Billion $ deal. The rest two ships Tarkash and Trikand are slated to join Indian Navy by mid 2013.


Looking at India & China I have arrived at conclusion - Democratic form of government is not meant for all countries. Each country needs to expolre which system suits them.

World Earth Day

Evert time we buy a new manufactured thing we are contibuting to destruction of Earth. Every manufactured product is consuming natural resources and emitting carbon during its entire process of manufacturing to usage by end customer.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rafale Deal Make or Break?

Will the MOD & Politicians clear purchase of Rafale selected by IAF? Allegation of irregularities in deal by some MLA's will just delay/derail the timely procurement and push IAF once more in apathy. Is this probe real or some one wants pie out of the deal else just sabotage the deal help external forces.
     The enquiry commission report will be out by 15th Dec-12 till then lets keep fingers crossed.

The Agni Success

A major leap in technology....Bravo ISRO & DRDO..!!!

Didi's News channel & Paper

Mamata Banerjee to launch state sponsored news channel & new paper to tackle so called propaganda by private new channel. Now TMC will finance its propaganda at cost of tax payers money.
People of Bengal & UP have elected worst governments ever.

Indian Inflation...!!!

Inflation in India is not going to subside till control on population is achieved. Indian's should get ready for long duration of sustianed high inflation. Less number of people are farming compared to last decades while consumption has doubled.